Saturday, 15 April 2017

Cotton summer dress to die for

This friend of mine bought several sarees at a sale. She wanted dresses made of them. Since I love using what is already there, this turned out to be a very fulfilling experience for me. I encourage anyone who wants to refashion / reuse / re-purpose clothes and fabrics.
Not only she bought beautiful fabrics but also each saree was unique. This saree had delicate embroidery on it all over. The pallu (in navy blue), had very pretty floral motifs sewn on it. So, we used the pallu as the border on the dress. Since it is going to be a summer dress, better to have generous v neck and no sleeves. 
I gave armhole darts to give the bust a better fit. Took a 1" facing for the neckline and sleeve opening. 
First time I stitched zipper on these dresses. I am grateful to her for giving me this opportunity to gain some experience attaching zipper on dresses.
It so happened I saw a tutorial on how to attach zipper and the very next day I got these orders to make three dresses with zippers. I used to be petrified of making clothes with zips, I don't know why. May be because I hadnot seen it done.
Overall, the dress came out well, as you can see she is happy to be wearing and posing for the photos....

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