Monday, 27 March 2017

Tunic out of saree fabric

On a trip to Dharwad, I wanted to collect a souvenir. Not having much choice, I settled for a Dharwad saree. I didnot need 5.5 m of the fabric, so decided to share it with my niece. It was lying around in my stash for a couple of years before I was fed up of seeing it there and decided to make something with it. Then the hunt began for some suitable pattern  for the cloth. I must point out here that the fabric is semi transparent of cotton and silk mixed weave, silk border and zari design on it.
   Liked this pattern from internet
The drafting, cutting and trials were a long process. Initially I thought of making cap sleeves with the border, after attaching the front and back main pieces, it looked the border on sleeves would be over kill. So dropped the idea of the sleeves. 
 Rough sketch showing the borders     Under construction 
Should I use the full width of the border or only part of it, for a thin edging, was a decision I had to make. I decided to as well make it a bold statement. Attaching the borders on the hem turned out to be very challenging. By the time I attached the sides ie, front and back together, I realised I should left more of the border at the ends. I had to attach some more and not to make it look like a patch. The back hem is a straight line, instead it could have been asymmetrical too. Well next time.                                                 

Aired it a few times already. Get a lot of compliments every time.

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