Saturday, 19 March 2016

Cowl neck Uneven hemline Dress

Made dress for a neighbour and friend a month or so back. Cowl neck and cross back flops over the shoulder point, fitting on the bust with uneven hemline. Front hem grazing the knees and back is below the calves. this dress is ideal for summer day wear.
Rayon multi couloured splashy print. 2m length with  44" across.

Cowl neck cotton Dress

Material: Fine cotton Tie and Dye material from Rajasthan. 2.5m. length and 44" across.
The lady wanted a dress which she can wear with leggings as well as by itself. So avoided the slits on the sides, like we do for kurtas. The neck is cowl and gathered on the shoulders. Magyar sleeves and double layered 3" wide band for the hem.

Straight fit cotton dress

This is a favourite one of mine. Lovely cotton printed material in monochrome. the lady is petite, and the dress fit her perfectly. The dress has Round neck and without sleeves; Calf length, with a separate belt and a rhine stone buckle. The neckline and armhole are finished in piping in same fabric. 2 wooden buttons to close the short front opening.
100% cotton printed fabric - 2.5 m.

Chiffon tunic

A tunic which can be worn on almost anything; a pencil skirt, a short skirt, or a pair of jeans or formal trousers. A wahs and wear material like chiffon adds a bit of glamour to wearability. Used same blue tericosa for lining. Gathered around the neck and short sleeves without lining, the tunic flares out at the hem. Used 2m legth (and 44") across chiffon material and 2 m. of lining material.