Thursday, 11 August 2016

Grey tunic from a saree

This tunic is a kind of refashion too. Made out of a synthetic Saree. Belonged to her mother, my friend's niece wanted a tunic out of it. Saree showed much wear but had neutral grey colours. it was not particularly transparent but she wanted to line only the bodice and not the sleeves. The only lining fabric I found in the market was polyester, it was thick and a bit stiff. Hopefully after a few washes, it will soften!

Mid thigh length, round neck and full sleeves, the tunic has the pallu (the end of the saree which hangs loose) print (horizontal lines) for the middle part as a wide band. Left over pallu material was used as a border for the sleeves. 
The lining was stitched separately and attached to the front only around the neck and arm hole opening. It was a first for me. Overall, the tunic turned quite well fitting and looks good too.

The original Saree with border

Monday, 8 August 2016

Front open printed Kurta

I loved making this kurta / tunic. The fabric was artificial crepe, quite sturdy kind. The print was summery and bright. This friend of mine wanted a simple A line, sleeve less, round neck, front open kurta with cloth buttons in orange from the print.
 The buttons stop mid thigh level. The kurta fit perfectly and can be worn as a dress or a tunic or as a second layer over t shirt and jeans or shorts.

Chocolate brown Tunic

I had to make a tunic out of this Chiffon kind of saree. The young lady for whom I made the tunic did not want to use the border. So we used only the fabric from the top.There were satin like ribbons running horizontally through the length of the saree. One good thing is that they came vertical in the tunic. Believe me, my sewing machine didnot like at all stitching that smooth satin ribbon part; gave me so much trouble!!!
New Tunic 
It is a straight tunic with full lining in polyester fabric. In between the satin ribbons, the fabric is quite transparent. There are side slits. 
Original saree
Neck and sleeve design
The half sleeves are gathered up to the shoulder in a band and pinned with a button on the shoulder. It should be front open with buttons, but I cheated and attached the plain brown strip of the lining and wooden buttons on to it. That is because the neck is wide enough and deep enough for the wear and why bother with front opening...